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Arts & Crafts (Antiques & Collectables, Art – Sketching, Looking at Art, Painting Watercolour, AC Crafters, Crafts at Plympton, Stitch, Knit & Natter)

Games: Canasta/Bolivia, Cards and Games, Mahjong, Vintage Games

History: Maritime History, Medieval History, Military History, Family History, Ancient History, Genealogy

Languages: French, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian (2 groups), Lip Reading

Music (Music Appreciation, Learn the Recorder)

Performing Arts: Play Reading, From Script to Screen (video making)

Philosophy: Philosophy and Discussion (Philology, Discussion, Features & Facts, World Religions – Customs & Outreach, Writers), Guided Meditation, Literature & Poetry, Myths & Legends


Science & Technology (Computing, Mathematics,  Metal Detecting, Science & Technology), Astronomy for All

Visits (Architecture, Traveller’s Tales, Weekenders), Garden Visits

Walking: Intermediate Walks, Long Walks, MUD Walks, Nature & Wildlife Walks, Short Walks

Wine Appreciation (4 groups)