Group Leader: Bill Bertram
Venue: Wolseley Trust Conference Centre
Day: 2nd Thursday, Time: 10:00

Entrance £3 to include Tea/Coffee biscuits.

Email myself for further details.


   7 JAN.  Capt. Andrew Welch Tirpitz & Scharnhorst Maritime
  10 JAN. Bill Bertram Boer War Military
   4 FEB. Ron Howell 3000 Years of History from the Sea Maritime
  14 FEB. George Moore Napoleonic War Military
   4 MAR. Ian Kilpatrick Festival of the Sea Brest 1996 Maritime
  14 MAR. Jennifer Gegg Heights of Abraham Military
   1 APR. Ron Smith Pilchards & Palaces Maritime
  11 APR. Mike Griffiths Listening to the Enemy Military
   9 MAY Mary RF/Mick N Royal Citadel Plymouth Military
  13 MAY Jill Drysdale Pirates of the W.Atlantic  Devon Captives Maritime
   3 JUN. Clive Foster Brennan Torpedo System Maritime
  13 JUN. Phil Hartley Tour of Royal Citadel Military
   1 JUL. Ron Smith Change to advertised program Maritime
  11 JUL. John W/Mick N Stonehouse Marine Barracks Military
   5 AUG. Ursula Myers Hallsands Maritime
  8 AUG. Bill Bertram Dardanelles Military
   2 SEP. Courtney Elliot Ironclads Maritime
  12 SEP.     Military
   7 OCT. Felicity Sylvester Herring Fisheries with tasting Maritime
  10 OCT. Christ’pher Darwin  Naval Aviation c.1970s Military
   4 NOV. Bill Bertram Royal Navy History, Part 1 Maritime
  14 NOV. Janice Cawthorn Living with the Enemy, Channel Island WW2 Military
  12 DEC. Barbie Thompson Horses in Art&War Maritime

Ron Smith​

Updated 7th February 2019

The selection of subjects is normally dictated by our membership.  An increasing number of our members are now prepared to both research and then present their own favourite military history subjects. However, this is not mandatory, you can just come along and soak up the knowledge. Whatever you do, you will enjoy it.
Subjects we have looked at recently,

Royal Army Service Corp WW1

Military Music

A Royal Marine at the Siege of Sevastapol

See you there