Plymouth u3a

Recorder Group


Now you have the time, be free to learn about the things that previously you never had time for, be it a subject, a hobby or exploring a new activity.

Portuguese Group


Sharing a common interest with others often results in making some great friends along the way, so sharing enjoyment and laughing is inevitable.

Short Walk Group


By exploring and sharing our interests in a social environment it means we stay mentally active and seek to make the most out of life.


Sample Membership

The Plymouth U3A membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March. We are pleased to be able to offer anyone who has never previously been a member of Plymouth u3a the opportunity to sample our organisation as a member for a reduced rate up until the start of our next membership year (April 1st) when a full year’s subscription will be required to continue membership.

The sample membership rate of £9 per person and is valid between 1st November to 31st March. If a person is able to provide details of membership to another branch of the u3a we can then offer a further discounted rate of £7. Benefits include on-line access to national u3a activities, attendance in person at our monthly general meeting and eligibility to join group activities.

Download the Sample Membership Application Form, which contains all the required registration and payment details for completion.

Join online

You can also join on-line for the reduced Sample Membership rate from 1st November by clicking this link: Application to join the Plymouth u3a. (opens a new tab or window)  Payment can be made either via a Pay Pal account or you can select the option to make your payment by credit or debit card.