How to renew your membership of Plymouth u3a

All members will be advised when their membership is due for renewal. Note that a new membership year begins on 1st April.

There are two ways to renew your Plymouth u3a membership: either renew your membership online or complete a membership renewal form.

Renew Online (from 1st April)

Log in to the Members’ Portal.  Payment can be made either via a Pay Pal account or you can select the option to make your payment by credit or debit card. Please also see Gift Aid and Standing Order below.

Renewal Form

You can download the Membership Renewal Form 2024.  Bring the completed form and your membership fee (cash or cheque) to the monthly meeting. You can also pick up a Membership Renewal Form in person at a monthly General Meeting.

Gift Aid

As you may know, because the u3a is a registered charity, we are able to make a claim for Gift Aid from HMRC for any member who is a taxpayer, which equates to 25% of their membership payment.

Because our only source of income is our membership fees, being able to claim this revenue makes a big difference to our finances.

Therefore, if you are a UK taxpayer and you have not already done so, please could we ask that you complete and return the Gift Aid Form to us. (HMRC now advise that this can be sent to us electronically [by email]).

To those members who may have completed a gift aid form in the past but have a change in their circumstances (i.e. They are no longer are registered to pay tax), please complete a new gift aid form.

Standing Order

You may wish to consider completing a Standing Order Mandate for future renewal of membership, although please bear in mind that the form will need to be re-completed and submitted each time there is a change in membership fees. Download the form: Standing Order Mandate Form.


Should you encounter any problems, please feel free to email our .

Membership Card

Your new membership card will then be ready for your collection when you next visit us at the monthly meeting (2nd Monday of the month). Alternatively, you can send a stamped addressed envelope to our Membership Secretary, 45 Wilton Street, Millbridge, Plymouth  PL1 5LX.