We are always open to suggestions for new interest groups. If you have an interest that is not covered by one of our groups please let us know.  There may be others who share your interest.

Scroll down the page, below the form, to see suggestions that we have received and a message about new groups.

If you have a suggestion for an interest group, please let our Group Co-ordinator know using the form below.

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Proposed Groups

Play The Blues!

Martin Smith is proposing to set up a group of members that would get together to play ‘The Blues’. The focus is on the blues genre and some cross-over genres. All abilities welcome, both instrumentalists and singers. Depending on interest we can decide on format and location.

Martin is an intermediate bass player with various kit including a PA system. You can contact him at message(“martin”,”yoyomet.co.uk”,””,”Play the Blues!”) if you are interested or have questions.

New Groups

We have 8 new groups which are looking for some more members, if you are interested in any of them please use the contact email beside the group name.  Thank you.

Astronomy          Laura              laura.stacey@blueyonder.co.uk

Beginners IT        Bob                 vicechairman@plymouthu3a.org.uk

Choir                    Richard           theakston_53@hotmail.com

French Conversation3           Pamela            arbredus@gmail.com

Looking at/History of Art       Heather          hrheather569@gmail.com

MUD ( Man’s Use of Dartmoor) walks 2     Alison        alijury@hotmail.com

Philosophy         Tim               tim@timgeeceramics.co.uk

Psychology         Alyson          groups@plymouthu3a.org.uk