Group Leaders: Alan & Susanna
Venue: The Plymouth Proprietary Library, St Barnabas Terrace
Day: 3rd Wednesday Time: 14:00

YEAR 4: The House of Plantagenet 1154 – 1215

Meetings starting again on 15th September 2021

The first meeting on 15th Sept will begin with an open forum discussion followed by a fun quiz and finishing with a talk on medieval Plymouth.

 20th October Richard I, Minstrels and Minstrelsy


 17th November Eleanor of Aquitaine in Old Age
No meeting in December


19th January Literature and Learning of the early 13th century


16th February King John, Robin Hood and the wicked sheriff of Notingham



16th March King John (1199-1215) and Magna Carta (1215)



YEAR 5: Crown versus People (Part 1) 1215 – 1327

YEAR 6: Crown versus People (Part 2) 1327 – 1381

YEAR 7: The Waning of the Middle Ages 1381 – 1485