Group Leaders: Alan & Susanna
Venue: Church Hall, Christ the King Church, Armada Way
Day: 3rd Wednesday Time: 14:00


YEAR 5: Crown versus People (Part 1) 1215 – 1327


20th April King John and Magna Carta (1215)



18th May The Early Years of Henry III


15th June The Later Years of Henry III

Membrane with genealogy of the kings of England.


20th July The Battles of Lewes and Evesham



21st September Edward I from 1272 to 1294; Kingship, Parliament & Wales


19th October Norman Castles and the legend of King Arthur



16th November Edward I 1295-1306 Model Parliament and Scotland


18th January 2023  Edward II and Bannockburn


15th February 2023  Edward II to 1327


YEAR 6: Crown versus People (Part 2) 1327 – 1381

YEAR 7: The Waning of the Middle Ages 1381 – 1485