Group Leaders: Alan & Susanna
Venue: The Swarthmore Centre, Mutley Plain
Day: 3rd Wednesday Time: 14:00

YEAR 4: The House of Plantagenet 1154 – 1215

Sept 18. Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine, her early life and the Courts of Courtly Love
Oct 16. The early years of Henry II (1154-1189) reign, and his relationship with Thomas Beckett plus Canterbury Cathedral and Pilgrimages
Nov 20. Henry II and his family quarrels with his wife, Eleanor Duchess of Aquitaine and their four sons Henry, Richard I, Geoffrey, John
Dec. No Meeting
Jan 15. William Marshall – The Greatest Knight plus a look at life for people in Plantagenet England
Feb 19. Richard I and the 3rd Crusade
Mar 18. Richard I, Minstrels and Minstrelsy
Apr 15. Eleanor of Aquitaine in Old Age
May 20. Literature and Learning of the early 13th century
Jun 17. King John, Robin Hood and the wicked sheriff of Notingham
Jul 15. King John (1199-1215) and Magna Carta (1215)
Aug. No Meeting

YEAR 5: Crown versus People (Part 1) 1215 – 1327

YEAR 6: Crown versus People (Part 2) 1327 – 1381

YEAR 7: The Waning of the Middle Ages 1381 – 1485