We hold a General Meeting on the second Monday of every month. The meetings include a talk given by a guest speaker. Occasionally, a talk will also be on Zoom, on the fourth Monday of the month.

Our General Meetings open at 10am and include a talk from an invited Speaker starting at 11am.

See also Talks on Zoom and Other Talks of Interest.

Monthly General Meeting Talks

Monday 12th August

A journalist view of Israeli politics

A talk by John Dobson

John Dobson, a visiting fellow at the University of Plymouth, for ten years, has written a weekly column on geopolitics for the Sunday Guardian, an Indian newspaper published in New Delhi.
Last July he was invited to join a delegation of journalists on a 5-day fact-finding trip to Israel. This talk describes this amazing experience, which included a trip along the Gaza Strip, and discusses the possible ways ahead for the resolution of the conflict.


Talks on Zoom

For talks on Zoom meetings

About two weeks before each talk all members will receive an emailed invite from our Meetings Co-ordinator, asking if they wish to attend the talk. There is a limited of 95 attendees, and these will be allocated to the first 95 responses to that email. A few days before the actual date of the talk, a link to join the meeting will be emailed to those confirmed acceptances. On the day of the talk, all attendees will be automatically ‘muted’ to avoid any interruptions from background noises.
All the talks on Zoom start at 11am, though you can sign in to Zoom from 10:30am.

No talks on Zoom currently scheduled.



Other Talks of Interest

Free talks from Rest Less

In addition to a subscription for full access to all talks, Rest Less has occasional free talks. See Rest Less Free Talk Events.