We have resumed holding a General Meeting on the second Monday of every month. The meetings include a talk given by a guest speaker. For the time being, talks will also continue on Zoom, on the fourth Monday of the month.

Our General Meetings include a talk from an invited Speaker, starting at 11am.

See also Talks on Zoom and Other Talks of Interest.

Monthly General Meeting Talks


Monday 14th February 2022

Smuggling in Devon: The Truth Behind the Fiction

Devon Smugglers by Robert HeskethAn illustrated talk by Robert Hesketh

Between 1700 and 1850 smuggling became a huge industry in Devon, with the majority of Devonians active in it, profiting from it, or at least colluding in it. All social classes were involved. Clergymen and aristocrats were among the backers. None thought cheating the government of exorbitant taxes was wrong and smugglers brought to trail were usually acquitted by sympathetic Devon juries and magistrates.
Smugglers were particularly active in Devon because there were so many sailors and fishermen who could assist.


Monday 14th March

Artemisia Gentileschi (1593 – 1656)

Artemisia Gentileschi“The heart of a woman and the soul of Caesar”

An illustrated talk by Trish Hodge

Artemisia Gentileschi is today recognised as one of the most famous artists of the 17th Century, but her road to this acclaim is a fascinating and daunting story. She was sexually assaulted as a young teenage girl and this affected her life and her art. She was a gentle woman of Rome who struggled to be recognised as a major artist in a time when art was dominated by men. During her life she worked for the Medici family of Florence and other Italian nobility plus she was summoned to England to the court of Charles I.

Monday 12th September 2022

A Life in Music

Anne KimberA talk by Anne Kimber

This presentation will be partly a talk by Anne Kimber followed by a conversation with our committee member Brian Mathieson. Ann will talk about her experiences in music and her work in bringing live classical music to Plymouth. The Plymouth Symphony Orchestra (PSO) is the foremost and most accomplished group of its kind in the South West and has, in its 140 years’ existence had only six conductors. The most recent is Anne Kimber who has been in that post for over a decade, having joined the orchestra as a flautist. She has also performed with several other groups, including Bournemouth Sinfonietta, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Opera South West and the South West Sinfonietta. As a conductor, she is recognised for the power and vibrancy she draws from the PSO.


Talks on Zoom

For talks on Zoom meetings

About two weeks before each talk all members will receive an emailed invite from our Meetings Co-ordinator, asking if they wish to attend the talk. There is a limited of 95 attendees, and these will be allocated to the first 95 responses to that email. A few days before the actual date of the talk, a link to join the meeting will be emailed to those confirmed acceptances. On the day of the talk, all attendees will be automatically ‘muted’ to avoid any interruptions from background noises.
All the talks on Zoom start at 11am, though you can sign in to Zoom from 10:30am.


Monday 31st January 2022

TimeTime Through the Ages

An illustrated talk by John Hope

A journey through time telling over the centuries showing the development and improvement of time telling devices from sundial and water clocks through the introduction of mechanical clocks, railway time, domination of pendulum devices to the atomic clock.

Monday 28th February 2022

A Virtual Tour of Lundy Island

Lundy Island

An illustrated talk by Simon Dell MBE

Lundy lies off the North Devon coast in the Bristol Channel and is a 3-mile long island which is a Marine Conservation Zone, at Wildlife reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Join Simon Dell as he takes us on a virtual walk around the island looking at its history, geology, and wildlife both above and below the waves.
Read more about Simon Dell MBE at www.simondell.co.uk.


Other Talks of Interest

Free talks from Mirthy

In addition to a subscription for full access to all talks, Mirthy has occasional free talks. See Mirthy Free Talk Events.

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