Group Leader:

We are a small group who meet on the first Tuesday of each month, (also camera walks throughout the month in smaller groups), at a time that’s best suited to the venue, confirmation of which is distributed to members.

See Schedule of potential venues.


We have a diverse membership of those with prodigious talent, creativity and all the kit to those with prodigious talent, creativity and phone cameras ( you will be astonished at the quality of photographs).

We welcome all to our wise group, who endeavour to impart knowledge of camera and subject to those requiring it. There’s a willingness to help get the right shot, camera angles and a positive outcome.

Our objective is enjoyment of both the venue and occasion (weather permitting). You will see on the schedule the word cafe we do so like our refreshments and we joke and chat quite a lot. It’s all good humour.

We are not competitive or judgemental, for those wishing to display their pictures we have a upload facility whereby all can view your favourite picture(s). We encourage and appreciate all those wishing to do so.

We meet right through the Year weather permitting. The group welcomes members who are willing to contribute and involve themselves in planning of our various photographic ventures.

Email the group leader and he will let you know where the next meeting/visit is being held.


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