Group Leader: John R

Venue: Meet on site at start of walk

Day: 1st Thursday, 10:15 for 10:30 start

The South West

The South West of England is an ancient and compelling landscape, seemingly very natural but in reality much modified by our predecessors. The MUD walks group caters for those with a passion for learning about the history and environment of this truly wonderful area.

The legacy of man’s use is everywhere to be seen; from Bronze Age settlements, the quarrying of granite & slate, tinning, excavation of peat & clay, farming and the resources needed such as canals, leats & tramways. Although our primary area of interest is Dartmoor, we also go to many areas of similar activity in Devon & Cornwall.

We walk between 5 and 8 miles to explore various archaeological and industrial sites in the area. Recent visits have included; the Lee Moor tramway, Wheal Emma leat, Ditsworthy Warren House (War Horse), Wheals Jewel & Betsy, Haytor quarries & the granite tramway and Heatree Roundhouse. We have also been further afield to Morewellham Quay, Bodmin quarries, St Austell China Clay Museum and Calborne King Edward Mine Museum.

We go fully equipped for walking due to the area’s notorious changeable and unpredictable weather. We take a packed lunch and drinks to sustain us. We can be on the remote open moorland one month, then in woodland or secluded river valleys the next. The walking is easy or moderate, occasionally a bit steep, but is always amazing whatever the weather.

Please note that this is not primarily a walking group as there are other such groups within Plymouth U3A. Everyone in the group is encouraged to research and lead walks, but you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy MUD!

Walk details are sent out to the members of the group usually a couple of weeks in advance by e-mail.

Upcoming MUD walks:-
March: Forestry Walk with Paul Rendell (Sarah N)
April: High House Waste (Sarah N)
May: Merrivale Quarry & Set Makers’ Banks (Alan P)