Help with using Computers

Group Leaders: Phil & Margaret

HAVING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR COMPUTER? Sending e-mails, adding an attachment, problems with connecting your printer, problems with PC or MAC?
Free help service for U3A members.
Emails – How to reply to and forward emails (removing previous recipients) How to send photos and attachments Explain email “netiquette” How to recognise/deal with spam Computer
How to download photos from your camera Internet
How to search for specifics/use of search engines
Skype – How to use Skype (and install if required)


Group Leader: Richard

Venue: Barbican Theatre ( B-Bar)
Day: 2nd Tuesday  Time: 14:00


GROUP LEADER: Katy Salisbury et al.


Venue: various, Wolseley Trust Unit 1 or outside site visit
Day: 1st Wednesday of the month  Time: 10:15
Our programme continues to include presentations on a range of interesting subjects – by members of the group or by visiting experts. We are fortunate that our University connections allow us access to amazing facilities and expertise. We make frequent visits to technology or science based organisations in the area and our programme should appeal to a wide range of interests – you certainly don’t have to be a Geek!

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SCHEDULE S&T              VENUES

Metal Detecting

Group Leader: Bill

Venue: Outdoors at Different Locations
Day: Weather Dependant Time: By Arrangement
Detecting is a great hobby.
This small group continues to practice their craft every week. However there is always room for like minded enthusiasts. What we still need are introductions to landowners. Consequently if you could arrange an introduction to landowners, or if you would like to join us please contact me.

It helps you stay fit and healthy and gets you out in the fresh air.
They say walking is the best form of exercise, but in my opinion, it only comes a poor second to digging your exciting discoveries up, which is the best exercise for your smiling muscles.
However, you will need to be relatively fit for this hobby, likewise you will also have to have a good sense of humour and you would probably like being outdoors too. Transport will be needed, or you must be willing to find someone with a car to share with.

There is no argument that Devon is rich with history but until recently there has only been one occasion that a hoard has been discovered in Plymouth. The next nearest hoard was found near Glastonbury. However, in the last few years metal detecting around this area has discovered more Roman specie and artefacts. Therefore, we have an open playing field.

For most of us, our understanding of the depth of Britain’s history is done through books, museums, libraries or these days it is more likely done on the Internet. Now thanks to the latest developments in metal detector equipment and the willingness of landowners to allow detectorists to investigate their land, the staggering numbers of finds with genuine historical and monetary value are increasing rapidly.

For illustration, last year alone in Britain almost 60,000 finds were reported to the Antiquities Scheme, more than that, nearly all of these finds was found by metal detectorists.

You should also be aware that we are a very new group and only just beginning to get organised, Therefore if you are interested enough to hear more, contact me in the first instant by email please.