Committee Notes

The Executive Committee are looking to recruit additional members who would be happy to join us to sit on the committee. What we require is creative thought and contributions on matters arising within the running of the Plymouth branch of the U3A. You will not be required to take up a specific role but rather assist as the occasion arises. Anyone is welcome to come along to a meeting to meet the team. Please contact Richard, details below, to find out more.


Membership Cards. Please bring your membership cards to meetings. Group leaders are requested to check that membership is current when members attend group meetings. Membership renewal might innocently slip through the net.


Keeping members ‘in the loop’

Now that the updated web site is up and running, the Executive Committee is concerned that all our members are able to see and interact with it and keep up to date. The password to the members section is: XXXXXXXXX.

Some members may not have access to a computer or have an e-mail address. There are places in and around Plymouth where computer access is available. If you feel unsure about how to operate a computer or wish to open an e-mail account, here are a few places where help is at hand:

Plymouth libraries

East End Community Centre, Cattedown Road, Cattedown

Jan Cutting and Healthy Living Centre, Scott Business Park, Beacon Park Road.


Groups News

Pianist needed for the Singing for Pleasure group. Can you help?


Rummikub will be meeting on Monday 18th September at 2.00 pm at the Bridge Club. This will be an extension of the Scrabble group as the games are not dissimilar. Any inquiry, please contact Sandra Richings 563551.


Wine Appreciation group 5 is a group starting up. If you are interested, please talk to Richard and he will introduce you to the group. They plan to meet on the last Tuesday of the month upstairs at the Bridge Club on Mutley Plain.


Intermediate Walks. Meet at Wednesday September at 10.30 am. Meet at St Anne’s Chapel. Use Holywell Stores car park SX665472. Circular walk, Bigbury, Ringmore and Kingston. More details, contact John Deacon


New meeting place available: The Discovery Cafe attached to Methodist Central Hall have a large space at the far end of the cafe that is free to use and may be of use to members. Obviously they would like it if you bought teas, coffees and snacks. They may also do let private rooms but this would have to be requested via Church officials.
Contact: .The cafe manager is called Rose.


AC Crafters. 2nd Wednesday of each month from 2 to 4 pm from 13th September at the Maritime Inn, 19th Southside Street, the Barbican. Contact Pat Mayers 407019; Patricia Greathead 777805; Jennifer Manley 771057


Casual Get-Together Games Club. Venue: the Maritime Inn on the Barbican. Pat Mayers is interested in holding a board games afternoon. Anybody interested, contact Rosamund Davies. 07885 398 950


Morris Dance. If you fancy a caper or a hay, Morris dancing might be for you. Please contact Richard (details below).


Rummikub will be starting on Monday 18th September at the Bridge Club, Mutley Plain. Details from Sandra Richings 563551.


Meet and Mix: Monday         25th September           2.30

Thursday         12th October               2.30

Friday              20th October               11.00 at the Theatre Royal


New start up groups need members.


Weekend Walks, Play Reading, Traveller’s Tales, Music appreciation (modern and classical/jazz), Musicians. If you have any questions or you would be interested in participating in any of these clubs, please contact Richard, details below.