Wine Appreciation Group 5
If you wish to be included in the intended group, please contact Richard below in order to arrange an inaugural meeting. There is a core of interest to start this group. If you have already contacted Richard, he will contact you to arrange a first meeting.
With the closure of Age UK on the Barbican, groups are finding alternative accommodation. I have requests from the leaders regarding alternative meeting places. So far I have had these notifications:
1. Canasta 1 and 2 will be combined and held at the bridge club, downstairs on a Wednesdays AM
2. French Visitors Group, Abbey hall is being considered as a viable alternative.
3. Spanish Culture Age UK Venton Centre, Mount Gould
4. The water Colour Group is going to the Lower hall of St Andrews church, first and third Thurs of the month from 11am to 1 pm. Resuming in September.
5. Thursday Italian Group – Aster Rooms, Venton Centre, Mount Gould from September
If your group met at Age UK, and has successfully relocated, please will you kindly let me know where you have moved to?
Green Group
Sue Gousins is interested in starting a group which looks at various issues such as geology, natural history, climate change, water resources, energy and renewables as well as fossil fuels. Please contact Richard, details below, in order to build up a programme of talks, visits and events.
Traveller’s Tales
Edward Hackett is in hospital but the Traveller’s Tales will be chaired by Brian Matheson at the Theatre Royal foyer Thursday 17th August 2017 at 11.00
Richard has been given two Rummikub games. If anybody wishes to start a Rummikub group, please contact Richard.
Singing for Fun
For people interested in returning to singing, please contact Richard, details below. A pianist would be most welcome.
Weekend Walks
Richard is trying ascertain whether there is continued interest in weekend walks. Ian, the leader, has suffered an illness and if there is a continue programme of walks, please contact Richard below so that it can be circulated. We wish Ian a good and speedy recovery.
Appeal for new interest groups and leaders
You may have a desire to share a passion or interest. Please contact Richard, contact details below, to discuss your ideas. Mathematics, music (composition and playing), board games, food, Electrical and electronic circuitry, computer technology, athletics, physical exercise, brewing beer and wine making, gardening and growing, motoring, motor bikes, vehicle maintenance, dramatic performance, self-confidence and assertiveness. This list is not exhaustive but may be the start of a brilliant idea.

Group Co-ordinator: Richard Keoghoe