This group started 7 years ago and currently attracts 10-14 people each month (1st Tuesday). Their venue is the first floor of the Bridge Club in Mutley Plain which has easy access and is equipped with the necessary tables and chairs. A £2 fee covers the room hire and admin costs. However this cover charge can be reduced when attendance is high.

The Group is run by Pat, a warm and friendly Group
Leader who ensures that she greets everyone as they arrive. Pat sets all the questions herself and goes to great lengths to ensure the questions cover a wide range of subjects and are rarely the same subjects each month. She also adds variety in types of questions. For example, all the answers in a section could start with the same letter. This means that no-one is required to be an ‘expert’ in a specialised
field able to tap their general knowledge.

So, if you have a free couple of hours on a Tuesday morning, why not go along and join the quizzers and test that grey matter whilst enjoying a very friendly and warm welcome?