Literature 1

Group Leader: Barbara Bullock

Venue: Fort Stamford Health Club, Stamford Lane, PL9 9TU.
Day: 3rd Monday Time: 10:30

Our first meeting at our new venue will be on 18th October.

We take turns in choosing a book and leading the discussion, though members are under no obligation to lead as there are always plenty of enthusiasts willing to do so! Sometimes we pick a genre like humorous books with everyone bringing along a favourite. Our discussions range from the literature itself, to issues – social, political, historical etc raised in the books. Although our group is currently full, we only have a short waiting list. People do leave from time to time and we have been able to welcome four new members during the last twelve months. Please contact Barbara if you wish to be added to our waiting list.

Most of our members have been meeting on Zoom and the books we shall discuss for the next few months are as follows:

18th October                   Miss Benson’s Beetle     Rachel Joyce

15th November              Daughters of Cornwall   Fern Britton

20th December              Those that are Loved      Victoria Hislop

17th January                    Our Individual choice of an item,

21st February                   Apple Tree Yard              Louise Doughty



Group Leader: Elizabeth Bunhill

Venue: Quaker House, Mutley Plain
Day: 1st Wednesday Time: 10:30