Features & Facts

Group Leader: Jenny

Venue: Wolseley Trust Conference Centre
Day: 4th Thursday Time: 13:45
No prior knowledge required. Any discussion & research optional. Travel the world & universe throughout time. Humans, animals, plants, landscapes, natural & man-made structures, explorers & famous people. Just about anything fact based, not covered by existing groups.


Group Leader: Tony

Venue: Wolseley Conference Centre
Day: 4th Tuesday Time: 14:00
Philology is the study of words and language. We all contribute towards chosen topics and discuss matters arising from our selections. No specialism is required—just the ability to draw upon your own spoken language to provide examples. Having just lost several members we have room for more to join the group and will return to the Wolseley Trust Room if enough people join.

World Religions & Customs

Group Leader: Trish & Ann

Venue: Sherwell Church, Tavistock Road, Plymouth
Day: 1st Tuesday Time: 10:30
(Coffee and Biscuits from 10.00)
Everyone very welcome.


Contact: Keith

Venue: Usually at the group leader’s home in Mutley
Day: 1st Wednesday Time: 14:00
At each monthly meeting a title/theme/topic is agreed for the next session, when we each read out our prepared piece and get feedback (honest and constructive). We are not a taught group – so no lessons on how to write. A major part of the interest in the group is hearing how others have interpreted an idea, because of this format, our writings tend to be fairly short pieces, so that everyone gets to be heard; “part-works” are possible too, but it is not the place to try out your autobiography or the next novel!