Group Leader: Barbara Bullock
Venue:The Mount Batten Centre, Lawrence Road, Mount Batten.
Day: 3rd Monday
Time: 10:30

We take turns in choosing a book and leading the discussion, though members are under no obligation to lead as there are always plenty of enthusiasts willing to do so! Sometimes we pick a genre like humorous books with everyone bringing along a favourite. Our discussions range from the literature itself, to issues – social, political, historical etc raised in the books. Although our group is currently full, we only have a short waiting list. People do leave from time to time and we have been able to welcome four new members during the last twelve months. Please contact Barbara if you wish to be added to our waiting list.


Future Books

19th March     Deaf Sentence                  David Lodge

16th April        When the Lion Feeds      Wilbur Smith

21st May          The Pigeon Tunnel           John le Carre

18th June         Remarkable Creatures    Tracey Chevalier

16th July           Days Without End           Sabastian Barry

20th August     Mudbound                         Hillary Jordan