French Conversation 1

Group Leaders: Barbara  & Rachel

Venue: Member’s homes

Day: 1st & 3rd Wednesday: 14:00

We are a group with an excellent teacher who attends at least half of our meetings. She produces varied, amusing, instructive articles and exercises which encourage us to have a go at expressing our opinions in French, develop our vocabulary and improve our grammar.

Our group has now reached the maximum number of 10. A larger number would be impractical both for hosting and for individual participation: however you are welcome to join our waiting list.

French Conversation 2

Group Leader: Lilliene

Venue: Member’s homes

Day: 2nd & 4th Friday: 10:00

For people with a good knowledge of French.

French for Visitors

Group Leader: Lynne

Venue: Age UK, Elspeth Sitters House, Hoegate Street

Day: 3rd & 4th Tuesday: 14:00

The Group is full at present. Anyone wishing to put their name on the waiting list, please contact the Group Leader.