Mayflower 400 is a video put together by the Script to Screen Group.

The video is basically in magazine format, with several short pieces on different themes. It starts with a tour round Plymouth using the App that was released last year, pointing out the various places that relate to the Mayflower. Then there’s a skit about the “Mayflower Steps” and a couple of pieces about the ship’s biscuits and other food on the journey. Next, we have a historian talking about the behaviour of the Pilgrim Fathers once they reached America and finally there’s a speech from a member of the Wampanoag tribe that was planned for the 350th anniversary, but was dropped.

Each section is broken up by images from last year’s Illuminate. The video is fully subtitled and lasts around 25 minutes. There is also a document detailing the making of the video.

A password is required to view the video and read the document. This is the same as for the Members Area.

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