These notes are guidance for Plymouth U3A’s Members to view

  • Current Groups and relevant information
  • The Group’s Calendar
  • Access to their individual membership record
  • Renew their membership on-line – when it becomes due.

These instructions are also available to download: Instructions for Members Portal and Membership Renewal

To access the Members Portal:

Select Members from the top menu bar, then from the drop down list select Members Portal

A new tab or window will open, with a request that you identify yourself. (see image below)

You will need to confirm your identity by entering your membership details.

These must be the details that you registered your membership with typed correctly with capitals and lower case as per below.

Type in your Membership number, Forename, Surname, Post Code and email address, then click Confirm Identity.

  • If you can’t remember your membership number, it is shown on your Membership Card.
  • Forename and Surname are case sensitive and have to be entered exactly the same as on your Membership Card (which is generally all lower case except the first letter in upper case). The Post Code and email fields are not case sensitive.
  • Beware of using predictive text or ‘copy & paste’ to complete your name – it may insert a blank space after your name which will make the log-in fail.

Click on the blue text to view or edit data.


Plymouth U3A Groups and Calendar of meetings and events are for viewing therespective information.

Renew your membership

The option to renew your membership on-line will only appear in the list when your membership becomes due (not before this date).

In April/May of each year you can select this option and make your payment to renew your membership. You will be asked to Login to PayPal however please ignore this if you do not have a PayPal account and just select Pay by Debit or Credit Card.  (please do not be confused by £1 fee showing in this example as it purely a test scenario)

Your membership card can be collected from the membership secretary in person at the monthly meeting held on the 2nd Monday of the month or by sending a SAE to:

The Membership Secretary

45 Wilton Street, Millbridge, Plymouth, PL1 5LX

Update your personal details – this is the information you provided when applying for or renewing your membership. If your details have changed – please select this option and amend them.

When you are finished – Please make sure you Log out!

Do this by clicking the option to return to the website or by closing the tab or window.