The Street Children of India Anita Edgar
Following 10 years driving the aid trucks to Romania, Albania and Bosnia, Anita took a break in India, where she saw small, abandoned children eating out of dustbins and begging on the streets. From this, 20 years ago, she was inspired to open Children’s Homes, now looking after 4,500, all with the chance of education and a brighter future. Some now work in USA, UK and Germany!

Putin’s Russia John Dobson
When Boris Yeltsin handed over power to Vladimir Putin at the turn of the century, most commentators in the West said ‘Who? It is said that Putin rose without trace, so how did this man from humble beginnings rise through the ranks of the KGB to become one of the most powerful men in the world? How has he changed Russia?

Church Monuments of Devon from the 12th to 19th Centuries Clive Easter

January 2018
Saltram-Who Lived in a Place Like This (Part 2) Anida Rayfield

Darwin in Devon Doug Herdson