Plymouth University of the Third Age


Group Leader: Norma
Venue: Room 214 Rolle Building, Plymouth University
Day: Various
Time: 16:30


Meditation For Beginners

Group Leader: Susan P
Venue: Group Leader's Home
Day: Every Tuesday
Time: 11:00

Meditation is about being in control of your mind and body. It promotes relaxation and good health. There are many forms of meditation and this class will give you a foundation to work on to enable you to move forward in your chosen direction.

Myths & Legends

Group Leader: Susan W
Venue: Wolseley Conference Centre
Day: 1st Friday
Time: 14:00

The group chooses a topic to explore and everyone contributes to the research so that we all learn from each other. Over time, one’s knowledge and understanding of Mythology expands and deepens. Topics we have explored recently include Hercules, Troy, Gilgamesh, The Underworld, Beowolf, Mythical Animals, etc.


Group Leader: Susan W
Venue: Wolseley Conference Centre
Day: 4th Tuesday
Time: 14:00

Philology is the study of words and language. We all contribute towards chosen topics and discuss matters arising from our selections. No specialism is required—just the ability to draw upon your own spoken language to provide examples. Having just lost several members we have room for more to join the group and will return to the Wolseley Trust Room if enough people join.

World Religions, Customs & Outreach

Group Leader: Trish & Ann
Venue: Welcome Hall, Devonport.
Day: 1st Tuesday
Time: 10:30 (Coffee and Biscuits from 10.00)

Everyone very welcome.

April 4th Plymouth Soup Run Hilary Knight & Colin May
May 2nd Mountain Walks and the Welcome Hall Glynis Lidster
June 6th Poverty of Body and Soul Joanna Bound
July 4th Guided walk around Ford Park Cemetery Alan Bricknell To include famous and infamous Plymouthians, plus refreshments
August 1st World Communication of Christian Celtic Convergence Churches Father Philip Barrett